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Livestock Monitoring

Wireless Camera Security for Your Livestock Barn

The Cow Cam is a wireless security camera that Allen Leigh has adapted to fit numerous surveillance requirements around the barn and on the farm. Being able to monitor livestock at critical times like giving birth is an important application for the Cow Cam. But this surveillance equipment goes far beyond the original calving, foaling farrowing and lambing function that the Cow cam was developed for. Livestock Monitoring Systems can be used to check on sick animals, monitor tack rooms, and observe animals riding in the trailer you are pulling. These wireless cameras are specifically designed for barns and for all of the surveillance tasks that a barn requires. The Cow Cam transmits a clear video image to your television or laptop from as far away as a couple of miles. View your animals from the comfort of your home.

The Livestock Monitoring System (Cow Cam) comes with a high quality 1/3” Sony CCD color camera with a lens of 3.6 mm, which offers approximately 90 degrees field of view – the best for this application. The camera has 14 Infrared Lights (great for low light conditions) and only requires about 0.5 lux to give you a great night time picture, it sees better than the human eye and offers unparalleled picture quality. The camera resolution of 420 TV lines is above the industry standard. The unit is encased in a durable weather resistant metal housing with four rubber gaskets to provide protection from the elements of high moisture or ammonia. (This model has been submerged in 20ft of water and it did not leak) The metal mounting bracket can be manually positioned left or right and up or down.

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