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Communications Group carries a variety of accessories for cell phones, cell boosters, and audio.

Cellphone Accessories

We carry a variety of cell phone cases for the latest smart phones. Our cases come in different sizes, brands and levels of protection. We also carry screen protectors, charging cables, wall/car chargers, and Bluetooth headsets. The charging cables come in various lengths and have end connections for Apple phones or Android phones. The wall/car chargers offer fast charging and some have multiple ports for multiple phones.

Cell Booster Parts

Cell booster kits come with everything you need but sometimes parts wear out and require replacement. We carry a selection of antennas, car cig plug power supply, and cables to assist in maintaining your cell phone booster. We also have connector adapters to help connect antennas to your booster.


Come check out our selection of audio devices! We carry Bluetooth headsets, speakers, and headphones. Our Bluetooth headsets come in different sizes and styles including over-the-head, and single ear piece devices. The speakers we carry come in a variety of sizes and connect via Bluetooth. We have a variety of headphones including wired ear buds, wireless ear buds, and over the ear headphones. All great ways to enhance your audio needs!