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Analog Camera Instructions

Instructions for Multiple Camera Control

All cameras have a dome ID of 001. If you have multiple cameras you will have to change the dome ID’s one at a time by hooking up or powering up each one individually. Ensure the dome is always plugged into the same video slot input in the back of the DVR. You can’t move it to another video input or the DVR will not be able to control the camera PTZ.

You need to program each screen for a particular dome so the DVR knows which one to move.

The only time the DVR will control the PTZ movement is when full screen is selected, unlike the joystick.

Step 1 – How to program or change the Dome ID

Power up cameras at a time. Upon start up watch screen menu and auto spin. Once this is complete enter programming by pressing MENU button on joystick.

Joystick up/down movement moves LEFT cursor to item in the desired menu. Joystick RIGHT is ENTER or ACCEPT. Joystick LEFT is back to previous.

Move cursor down to DOME and select (joystick down then right).

Inside DOME menu select COMM (joystick right)

Inside COMM menu you must change the CHECK ID to match the DEVICE ID in order to program the camera.

Move joystick to the right to adjust check ID.

Move joystick up/down to change the number to match the device ID. When matched move the joystick once to the LEFT. You will notice the left cursor now on EXIT.

Move cursor to TARGET ID, joystick right to ACCEPT.

Change TARGET ID (DOME ID) to another ie:002, next press joystick up/down to change, then move joystick LEFT to back out. Move cursor down to save, press joystick RIGHT to accept.

Camera will restart and next you will see on the start up with the SYSTEM screen showing the camera ID, confirm it is now the new value.

STEP 2 – Programming DVR

Right click the mouse for the menu. Click on MAIN MENU, enter USERNAME: admin PASSWORD: 123456 then ENTER
Click CONFIGURATION icon, then P/T/Z icon.

You have to set the video inputs or channels for each camera:
1. Select the channel you want
2. Set protocol to PELCO D
3. Set the address to the CAM ID that is plugged into that channel or video input.
4. Set BAUD RATE: 2400 1 DATA BITS : 8
5. Check DVR control box.
6. Click APP then OK

Next you need to do the other camera on whatever channel or video input it is plugged into : ie. CH 2.

Follow the same steps, selecting channel 2 (or desired channel) but make sure to change the address to the camera ID of channel #2’s ID (or selected channel).

Click APP and OK

Remember the DVR will only control the camera that is on full screen, where as the joystick can control the cameras on split or full screen.

For changing the joystick control, press 1 CAM for camera #1, 2 CAM for camera #2 etc. At anytime you can enter programming for that camera by pressing the MENU key not the cameras have been labelled with different camera ID’s.