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Fleet Tracking

TELUS Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete is a unique fleet, asset and mobile workforce solution, which provides you with the ability to track and manage your vehicles, mobile workers and optimize your operations in a single cloud-based platform.

Select the right solutions for your business.

Fleet Tracker

  • Tracks the real-time location, speed and travel direction of your vehicles
  • Captures vehicle data such as status of ignition, battery voltage, door sensor and power takeoff (PTO) sensor
  • Optional enhanced features: Satellite Failover: connectivity in remote areas where cellular network is out of range
  • A core solution for any business with vehicles on the road to help manage and maintain their fleet and costs
  • Monitor ECM Data and reduce fuel, maintenance and other operational costs


  • Mobile workforce GPS location tracking
  • Proof of Delivery, Barcode Scan, Signature Capture, Package Management
  • Real-time order status updates and Order Management
  • Electronic Order Entry and Order Dispatching direct to driver’s handheld
  • Client Account Management
  • Rate Zones, Rate Charts, Fuel Cost
  • Matrices, Driver Settlements and Customer Invoicing

Asset Tracker

  • Monitors the location of high-value assets such as equipment, packages and cargo
  • Uses an asset tracker device with a rechargeable battery. Can last up to 3 years on a single charge*
  • With motion sensing and real-time notifications, always be alerted when an asset moves
  • Ideal for business looking to track resources other than vehicles or employees/handsets

TELUS maintains our dedication to leadership in field work solutions by understanding that effective field management requires constant coordination of crews, suppliers, project managers, engineers and field service teams – often in harsh conditions and always on tight time ines.

Key benefits for your business:

TELUS Fleet Complete gives you full visibility into the activities of your mobile workers, assets and vehicles. With real-time information, your company can improve productivity, reduce costs and improve your bottom line. Improved communication and better scheduling can help you enhance customer service with faster and more accurate response times.